7 tips to start your day right

The sun is shines through your window. Birds are singing. Your alarm rings - and a new day is calling!

But sometimes you would rather pull the blanket over your head and dream on, instead of starting your day full of energy. The eva, team has 7 tips for a awesome start into the day - our Secrets from the mountains:

  1. Smart Snoozing welcome…
    Our muscles had enough time to relax. Before you even get up, today you can snooze again and keep pushing the alarm clock, because before you lift yourself out of the cozy bed, you get your muscles and sinews out of their deep sleep. Start at the bottom of your toes - tense, relax. So you work your way up through your whole body. Try to tense all your muscles and let go again. If you pinch your eyes tightly and laugh, all the muscles in your face are activated. Build up more and more tension until you finally tighten and release your whole body. GOOD MORNING BODY!
  2. Three minutes for me
    And then you can press the snooze button a second time. Take a few minutes for yourself and answer the following questions yourself:
    • What am I grateful for?
    • Which 3 things would make the day wonderful today?
    • What motivates me?

    Special tip from Dani: I use the great 6-minute diary for this. It's right next to my bed and I take 3 minutes each morning and evening to answer the questions. This helps me to start the day well and finish it in the evening in peace. You will be amazed by the effect! GOOD MORNING SPIRIT!

  3. Fresh air
    On with the windows, in the air. Stretch again and make yourself very long. Take a deep breath and let fresh air into your lungs. By then, body and mind are completely awake. Even if you do not breathe the fresh mountain air of the Saalbach every day, it will still do you good - and one thing is certain, the next holiday in the mountains is sure to come. 

  4. A short sports unit
    Host Hans swears by that A round of jogging in the morning dispels grief and worry. But even for those who are not so athletic traveling, there are alternatives. Just spread out the sports mat (a blanket does it) in the living room - or at the wonderful temperatures directly on the balcony and try to be active for 15-20 minutes. Do what you enjoy. Stretching exercises, yoga, pushups & sit-ups or fascia roles - there is something for everyone to be excited about and good for the body.
  5. Preparation is everything - a perfect "Mise en place"
    Take 10 minutes each night before going to bed and prepare everything for the next day. Pack your purse or backpack and adjust your outfit and accessories. Steffi special tip from marketing: If you are often very indecisive or you dress differently depending on your current mood, it is always good to think of another alternative. If I do not feel like rock and pumps in the morning, I immediately have a sneaker alternative at hand. It never gets stressful in the morning - even if I decide to change my mind spontaneously! 

  6. Start the day strengthened
    Everyone knows it and yet hardly anyone can do it! The breakfast would be the most important meal and yet you end up again and again at the bakery around the corner and devoured on the way to the office the Butterbreze with coffee to go. That's enough of that! Just conjure up your perfect breakfast the night before.

    Just give 40g of oatmeal with 40g liquid (like milk, coconut milk, almond milk or water) into a jar. The best you use a glass, which you can close. As a topping you have countless possibilities. At the moment, of course, strawberries are good choices, but the tasty Overnight Oats also taste delicious with watermelon. And for those who are a bit adventurous, try carrots or zucchini! The next morning, all you have to do is decide whether to enjoy the delicious breakfast - just a quick dip in the microwave - or cold.

    And now that the hot summer is coming, you can even prepare a delicious (ice) tea. For this you simply top your normal fruit or herbal tea with delicious fresh mint from the garden or from the balcony and add some fresh lemon juice. The next morning it is simply: PURE PURE 

  7. Small pampering program
    Especially in summer, the skin is often stressed. Chlorine water, sunscreen and a lot of showers increase the skin. Our beauty expert Evaadvises therefore to start 2-3x a week under the shower with a scrub and then apply the cream generously. As a result, it retains its elasticity and is supplied with moisture. And with a wonderfully fragrant lotion, we are immediately in a better mood. And all those who want to be pampered even more intense, probably come to visit the eva, Spa & Beauty not around.

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