eva,BEAUTY Shop

Come on into our beauty shopping paradise.

In the middle of the pedestrian zone of Saalbach, only a few meters from the eva,VILLAGE.

Beautiful, Luxurious, Cosy and unique.

In eva's world, the finer things in life play an important role. Eva has the eye for the extraordinary. In addition to the best beauty products of Chanel, see the eva,BEAUTY shop hand embroidered scarves, hair accessories, Wolford stockings, swimwear and lingerie from La Perla and more what the women's heart leap. And what must in an unforgettable shopping experience not be missed? The personal and professional advice! Upon entering the store you are charmed by the warmth of its owner Eva Unterkofler and the eva,BEAUTY team.

"Life always needs something refreshing, something new. Our guests should leave the valley again with a charming smile, "Eva is the good spirit full in your element.

Shopping belongs in the "enjoying life" category, says Eva. With this premise, the products are lovingly selected and advised to clients.


We look forward to seeing you, the eva,BEAUTY team.

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Selected offers

Our eva,BEAUTY massage and relaxation programme provides pure radiance and relaxation. Let yourself be pampered from head to toe.

The skin is the mirror of our soul. The skin says a lot about people.

The goal of the eva,BEAUTY programme is to clean the entire body to achieve a balance of body functions and to also have a therapeutic effect.