A Christmas Story. My Christmas story.

A story from eva,

I am awakened by the quiet thumping of snow flakes.

Well-rested and with a smile on my face, I am drawn out of my soft feather bed by the spectacular view of the white skyline. The prospect of hot coffee and fresh vitamins excites me.

I am seduced - first in a culinary sense and then to enter the great outdoors. I am surrounded by fresh air. I breathe in deeply quite deliberately. This what BLISS must taste like!

The journey is the award; and my journey is planned pretty swiftly. I want to reach the summit. The morning's snowfall makes way for the first gently sunbeams, but the view of the enchanting village of Saalbach is what really warms my heart.

The deep silence is only broken by my crunching footsteps in the fresh snow. I am surrounded by mighty trees and the ancient tree trunks share their energy with me. I sit down for a brief moment to gather my thoughts - invisible, yet omnipresent. The beautiful songs of hidden birds accompany my way forward.

Once I have reached the top, I am overwhelmed by the view. It's epic and simply extraordinary. I am alone with my thoughts as I let the last year pass in review. I allow everything I don't want to drag into 2016 float away into the distance. These things float away with the clouds until they disappear behind the summit of the remote Großglockner.

Strengthened, relaxed, and truly happy, I stroll back towards the valley. I am drawn back to the eva,.

Suddenly I am no longer alone. A deer crosses the path right in front of me. It glances at me briefly before nimbly prancing back into the dense forest. It is followed by a baby deer. And oh, there's another one.

I think I heard a soft "Merry Christmas" before Bambi and her siblings disappeared in the thicket.

These are moments that you simply cannot store on a memory card. These are meetings that don't require a selfie to be remembered. These are moments that will live on forever in my heart.

Back in the hotel, I relive my wonderful outing in the warm wellness area. I am already looking forward to many more glorious winter experiences in Saalbach.

Is this a fairytale? No, it honestly isn't. Miracles are all around us and are merely waiting to be seen! A winter holiday in Saalbach offers more winter miracles than other destinations, that goes without saying.

We would like to, from the bottom of our hearts, which you Merry Christmas and many smaller and larger miracles in 2016. Take some time to be happy!

Danu, Eva, and Hans Unterkofler
from the eva,

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