A Perfect Day of Skiing in February

The “crunching” sound of perfectly groomed slopes wakes me from my peaceful slumber in my cosy hotel room. The comfort of this blend of loden and wood surprises me every day anew. It’s simply brilliant.

Hit the slopes

After a breakfast feast, my legs twitch impatiently. I can’t wait for this day to start for real. The weather god is kind and bathes the sky above Saalbach Hinterglemm in an icy blue with glorious sunshine. My agenda for today: first I want to enjoy skiing on the more than 270 kilometres of slopes in the Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn ski arena and then I plan to chill out in one of the rustic ski huts - with good wine and regional delicacies. After all, the cabins in Saalbach are noble mountain restaurants with a traditional touch, rather than “normal” ski huts in the classical sense.

An hour later, I can already feel my thighs burning. It comes as no surprise after “carving” down the entire descent without a break. This is so cool! I head back up the mountain with the “Bernkogelbahn”, which feels like it is but a few steps away from the eva,VILLAGE. The target is Tyrol. Yes, that’s right. This year you can cross from one province into another while exploring Austria’s largest ski resort.

I attempt to imprint some artful turns on the white canvas and a few hours later I return to the “Reiterkogel” in Hinterglemm. I feel an urge to visit Saalbach. A few minutes later, I find myself standing in the red “Classic Gondola” on the “Kohlmais”. I am now behind the eva,VILLAGE. Five cable cars head up the mountain in a row, a sight that has turned into a real trademark of the Austrian ski resort.

The sun’s rays are becoming more intense and my desire for cosiness points me in the direction of the “Panorama Alm”. My hosts - the Unterkofler family - recommended it, so I am curious about the location before I even reach the summit. I am not disappointed. I describe it as Alpine haute cuisine in a cosy wrapping. This may sound more like a fancy dish, but one thing is certain: here, at an altitude of 1,650 metres above sea level, one can really relax with a glass of Chardonnay.

I pass the time with two more glasses of wine and some delicious specialities offered by the restaurant. Oh hang on, this is a ski hut, right? Luckily I am merely once descent away from my 4-star superior hotel in Saalbach. Before I head for the comfortable spa area, I want to soak up the atmosphere of the eva,ALM. I meet my holiday acquaintances, cheerfully exchange stories about the memorable experiences of the day, and decide to hang out in the comfortable eva,ALM a little longer. Fortunately, the hotel is only a few steps away. The eva,ALM is, after all, located right next to the hotel in the centre of Saalbach.

I sleep through my planned sauna session in my comfortable room and wake up just in time for the 5-course menu. I am going to stop writing now, because my mouth is already watering…

Bye for now,
Your Secret-Holiday-Checker

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