Anticipation. Winteratmosphere. Advent. - No chance of escape!

Fresh cold winter air. Cuddly winter coats. Warm gloves and hearts. Cinnamon and gingerbread scent are in the air.

Advent in and around in Saalbach and this makes it hard not to fall into the Christmas anticipation - so what, let it happen and take home a good dose of Christmas spirit! Not only the snowy area is reason for idyllic Christmas atmosphere. Many Advent events offer the opportunity to get into the Christmas mood. We have selected a few Advent events for you with a definitive CHRISTMAS ANTICIPATION GUARANTEE!

Flying Advent in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, 15.12.2019
A swinging Advent market, isn`t that something special? 15 gondolas of the 12er Express become small advent shops and invite to taste and stroll. Traditional exhibitors, winemakers, wind players and Christmas delicacies ensure a unique Advent experience.

Christmas concert, 23.12.2019
The traditional music band Saalbach-Hinterglemm heralds the Christmas days with her contemplative concert. On the eve before Christmas at 20:00 clock they start her Christmas concert in the church of Saalbach. If you want to experience the Austrian Christmas tradition, you should not miss this concert.

Star Advent in Zell am See, 20.11. - 24.12.2019
The streets of the already romantic town Zell am See will turn into a Christmas paradise upon the end of November. Several markets spread throughout the city, there are sparkling Advent stars on Lake Zell, musical highlights, Advent tours, concerts, star ship rides and many other attractions offer for young and old the full portion of Christmas. If you have not had enough, you only have to drive a few kilometers to the Sternadvent at the Kaprun Castle, where you can continue to soak up the Christmas spirit.

Advent in Maria Alm, from 29.11.2019
In the village center of Maria Alm the Advent takes place for the 11th time. A contemplative Christmasmarket with Advent delicacies, craftsmanship, Alphorn wind players, crib exhibition and concerts. A special experience is provided by the light installation in the Church of the Annunciation in Maria Alm. The entire church is bathed in an artful lightshow and offers a very atmospheric experience.

Knappenadvent in Leogang, 22.12.2019
The Knappenadvent conveys a piece of history. When visiting the Knappenadvents in the historic mine you spend a few hours with story readers, Wind players, christmas singers and a romantic carriage ride. A bit of action is already here, every visitor should be prepared with a headlamp and sturdy shoes.

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