Best places in Saalbach - Insider stories & tips

Saalbach with the eyes of a local hero! Experiences that would otherwise remain hidden from you!

eva, sports guide Gunter does not only do yoga and leads you through the mountains of Saalbach - but also provides unique experiences.

To discover Saalbach on your own is nice - but with Gunter you see Saalbach with the eyes and knowledge of a local and insider. 
He knows Saalbach and the whole region with all its stories, exciting facts and interesting details. 

On each of his hikes there are special places which are not immediately obvious as a special or particular spot, because only through Gunter's knowledge and experience the secrets and the special nature of the place become obvious. 

  • Panorama hike
    The hike along the Saalbachtaler Höhenweg is fantastic. Because, as the name of the tour suggests, the mountain panorama is in focus here and really breathtaking. But when Gunter stops and explains the panorama, only the uniqueness of the location is revealed. 

    The panoramic view is not only beautiful, but offers you a glimpse of the development of the world. You can even stand on the highest grass mountains in all of Salzburg. If you look to the left to the Leoganger Steinbergen and the Steinernes Meer to Maria Alm, you can see the Kalkalpen and premature Mediterranean Sea. Massive, rocky rock consisting of old reefs, shells and petrified primeval sea animals. If you look to the right into the Hohe Tauern, you look back to the creation of the world. A mountain range as old as the world and formed from lava and primary rocks. A view - which, as I said, not only impresses with its beauty! (probably every Monday)

  • The end of the valley - Hinterglemm
    "If it has rained in the past few days, it is even more mystical and magical here than usual", Gunter turns the valley head with his Nature Facts into a secret spot once again. The valley head in Hinterglemm is both starting point and destination. At first sight the Glemmtal ends here. But if you take a closer look, you can see that this basin is the beginning of a long journey across Europe. It is here at this very spot that the Saalach river rises from springs, small waterfalls and rinsals. The water flows over the Salzach, the Inn, the Danube to the Black Sea. And the origin is here at the end of Saalbach. (probably every Tuesday)
  • Reiterkogel
    Get close to nature, taste, smell, touch and experience pure nature - hikes over the Reiterkogel are perfect as a half-day excursion. But with Gunter as your guide, this hike is also a culinary highlight and brings you closer to the variety of meadow herbs. The herb hiking trail invites you to explore, discover - best with all your senses! Gunter invites you to try, pick and identify herbs. A hike and an experience that has a lasting effect and thus makes all upcoming hikes an exciting excursion.

    eva,TIP: It's best to take the Saalbach Herbal Trail booklet with you on your hike and put it in your rucksack - this way you can look up and identify plants on all your hikes. (probably every Wednesday)

    The Schattberg cannot be overlooked when you step out of the eva,VILLAGE onto the village road. The Schattberg X-press makes the ascent easier and brings you up to 2096m. But open your eyes! Gunter knows that if you go up first thing in the morning, you can even see the marmot families scurrying around directly from the gondola. Where do they live? You can recognize their building by the holes in the meadow shortly before the top station. Continue up with a view of the highest mountain in Salzburg (Großvenediger, 3657m) and even the highest mountain in Austria (Großglockner, 3798m). With a lot of luck and an early start - from here you have the chance to watch chamois grazing. (probably every Saturday)

​This was just an insight into the secrets and special locations that Gunter knows in Saalbach. Check out eva's yoga & hiking program and simply register the evening before for the program the next day. Have fun discovering and experiencing Saalbach with Local Gunter.



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