With his steel steed he conquers the summits of Saalbach, satisfied, the beads of sweat under the neon-colored helmet, the colorful Lycra soaked by diligence of the altitude. An individualist. Hans, head of the eva, hotels.


With the bike you drive at most straight line and that only as a replacement for motorized vehicle. Mountain bike? A Californian invention of a former roadracing cyclist. He said that you also can ride your bike between stones on the legendary single trails of Mount Tamalpais. We wrote the year 1973 - the birth of the mountain bike.


Hans and a few other "trendsetters" from Saalbach then conquered the local mountains in the 80s. Due to the wide forest roads for the construction of the summit stations of the mountain lifts, climbing the highest points is a hurdle only for your endurance - the bike and the paths put here no obstacles in your way.

The pioneering spirit of the mountain bike continues to flow around the eva,VILLAGE. Although richer by numerous genera of the mountain bike, but the vibe in the bike hotel is still sporty and active.

bike'n soul HOTELS

This passion for mountain biking prompted Hans Unterkofler and other partners to found the bike'n soul Hotels. A combination of accommodation for the cranking guest. Uncomplicated and with a lot of expertise in mountain bike matters.

In the meantime 13 accommodations operate under the banner of bike'n soul and additionally two shops with bike rental and an own information center. It can happen that the sprawling offer of tours and trails causes a huge question mark over the minds of the athletes.


In addition to the shops and the experienced bike competence in the eva,VILLAGE, the bike'n soul Guiding stands out. Six days a week, the area is explored with certified guides, they try to improve your driving technique and since summer 2018 bike’n soul also offered its own program for e-bikers. In general, bike'n soul holds an exceptional position in the e-bike sector. The rental of the best bikes on the market conjures up a permanent grin under the bike helmet. By the way, as bike'n soul guest in the eva,VILLAGE you get -12% on the online rental. Thus, the beloved bike can stay at home and the desired bike just be reserved from there on the couch. Arrive, pick up and shred the trails.
And Hans - the bike pioneer? Also Rides an e-bike now. The only constant in all the years: The hard-earned beads of sweat under the helmet and the completely satisfied smile while looking down into the valley.

Ride on!


Picture Credits: Daniel Roos

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