Carving in Saalbach?

The future will be round!

Ski with pleasure. Ski beautifully. Ski on the edges.

The powerful turn on the edge has been dominating the ski pistes for the past few years. Not only during the ski holiday in Saalbach, but everywhere. Equipment, piste preparation and the curricula of skiing schools were carefully calibrated to accomodate this fairly challenging technique. Wide stance, tension on the edges, duelling the centrifugal forces, extreme banks. High power. This style is appreciated in the Glemmtal, which houses Hans Enn, one of the most brilliant carving skiers of all time.

Be that as it may. You’ve always been dependent on your material. The turn radius was determined by your skis. This involved a certain level of risk for both amateur as well as experienced skiers. Of course, no sport comes without risk.


New equipment, smoothly prepared pistes and modern methods of teaching have made it easier to start skiing. And that’s a good thing. Today, you might be ready to ski red pistes within a few days. And no, you won’t necessarily need to carve them. New teaching curricula allow a slide at the end of a turn. Of course, the rear part of the ski isn’t supposed to slide. We’re looking at a more personalized, less wide style of ski control. A good feel for the turn is important. The requirements to achieve this vary from person to person.


Attack or Cruise?

In the future, we’ll see a clear typology arise, just as in biking. Anyway. Too many categories spoil the broth.  eva, loves people. eva, loves pleasure. Therefore we keep to the principle “To each his own”.

"Talk to your ski instructor about your learning objectives.”

Welcome, carving freak. Welcome, easygoing cruiser.

We can be certain that carving freaks are here to stay. And will keep challenging the centrifugal force. And of course we’ll see easygoing cruisers. They’re looking for nature, fresh air, a bit of sport and proper “Hüttengaudi”* (* Hospitaly and merriment on the alms)


Both types are joined by a common love for the mountains, winter, snow and skiing. They’ll meet on the pistes. In the morning, at noon, in the afternoon.


eva, appreciates:

peaceful and considerate behaviour. Remember, in spite of all your passion: Your safety and the safety of others always takes priority.

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