City heat vs. mountain freshness

Who does not dream of a fresh cool breeze during that super summer 2018?

Escape the heat of the cities in the summertime and enjoy fresh alpine air.

Snoring in the mountain air. Really healthy.

In the Glemmtal, people like to sleep with the windows open. Fresh air in. Snoring noises out. The cool mountain air full of oxygen sends the sleepers into the wilderness of deep sleep. Without restrictions. Spacious. Temperature regulating bed systems give you a pleasant physical feeling. Not a single breath during the night remains without consequences. Similar to an artificial deep sleep, the recovery value increases rapidly.

Exactly like it should be. After all, holiday means recovery. Being well-rested is a good thing in every respect.

Even in this super summer you can benefit from alpine coolness at night here in Saalbach. This is what everyone dreams of at night in the city - a fresh breeze. So - why not plan 2 days for breathing and relaxing some fresh mountain air? We are looking forward to welcoming you - as well as our beds at eva,


Concerning matresses, there are two different degrees of hardness. Which one do you prefer?


You made your bed, now dream in it. Alright. Create your own pillow menu. Since undisturbed dreaming can be really nice.

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