This is easter in the alps!

Snow. Sunshine. News beginnings - easter in the Alps.

What does Easter mean to you? For us this means the beginning of spring, a new beginning, Easter bunny, colored eggs, looking for Easter basket, ...


The Easter bunny hides the delicious Easter nests.
An old symbol for new life and fertility.


A basket or bowl filled with grass, eggs and
sweets. Sometimes also with a small gift.
Gifts are available at Eva's shop! ;-)


Coloured or painted – the eggs are great fun for
everyone. In Austria the best way to have fun with
easter eggs is to organise an "Eier-Pecken" (egg

HOW TO DO "Eier-Pecken"?

Find a player: "Do you want to play egg pecking with me?". Everybody selects an egg. Attention –
the excitement already increases as you inspec the eggs – colour, curvature and weight can help you find your best competition egg. The selected Easter egg can now get going. "Tip to tip" and
"end to end" – that's how you knock them together. In a gently way, of course, because the player
with the egg which remains intact is the winner. 


Happy Easter and lots of fun with "egg pecking"

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