eva,ALM - Unique Aprés Ski Moments

You made it! You just about managed to catch the last ascent, thus allowing you one last trip to the summit. This is the time you really experience the joy of skiing quite deliberately.

Cool. Just typical for Saalbach...

These are the last turns in the snow to enjoy - at least for today. Not the worst feeling, is it? Yet another spectacular winter day is coming to an end. However, you can still feel that you want more. You gaze up to the mountain summits one last time after arriving in the valley. That's it - for today. You feel content with your achievements. Take off those skis and make your way back to the hotel. No. There's really no need to rush. The pedestrian zone is already full of life. Laughing, music, people toasting each other with drinks - this is what pure lust for life looks like. The valley itself is also teeming with life. This is cool - and just typical for Saalbach. Should I head out straight away? Or should I pop back to the hotel first? Oh look, there's still an unoccupied seat on the lounge-like terrace of the eva,ALM. The area is heated and, upon request, you can even snuggle into a warm blanket. Well, that's settled then. You claim that seat that affords you the perfect view of the lively world of aprés ski in the village. Take in the music - aprés ski can be so cool. Is your mouth a little dry? We can't have that! Would you like some mulled wine? Or a cider? Maybe you'd prefer to give our eva,ALM beer a try? The eva,ALM beer is new and ideal for quenching that initial thirst. After washing away the dryness in your mouth one sip at a time, you are certainly ready for a mug of hot mulled wine. If you're hungry too, just leaf through our menu. The abundance of options makes the choice fairly difficult. All our dishes taste spectacular. You haven't tried the so-called "Almenschmaus" yet? That's a good choice! It's always ski hut time - at noon, in the afternoon, and in the evening. What experiences will this evening have in store for you?

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