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From this winter onwards, the eva,ALM offers its very own eva,ALM beer. Following tasting sessions at our co-operation partner's brewery in Kaltenhausen, we found the perfect match.

"It tastes best straight from the bottle!"

This original beer from Kaltenhausen is the perfect match for the eva,ALM. "It tastes best straight from the bottle", says Martin, our assistant manager and the resident eva,beer expert. That doesn't mean it's not tasty in a glass too, mind. While pouring the beer, the naturally cloudy amber colour makes you look forward to that first sip. The taste is full of character and full-bodied. Brewed according to traditional recipes, the beer, which has alcohol content of 5.3% vol. and an original gravity of 12.5°, impresses with its intense malt bouqet and a fine hint of caramel. Have you tasted it yet? Cheers! Which dishes do you find particularly spectacular? Simple let us know by adding #evamoments and/or #evagaumenfreuden when posting your culinary favourites on Facebook and/or Instagram. All posts with the #evagaumenfreuden tag will be entered into a raffle automatically. The prize is an overnight stay for two people in summer 2016. The local cuisine of the Pinzgau region is highly seductive. The eva,ALM menu is full of cool dishes. We are particularly renowned for our communal dishes for groups. Simply grab a fork and tuck in with your friends and/or colleagues! Hearty fare on wooden boards, seductive food from the pots, and fresh cuisine straight from the pan - eating in a group is even more fun in terms of both verbal and culinary exchanges. In times like these, time spent among friends is more valuable than ever.

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