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Autumn gives the valley wonderful colours - just lovely!

Changing seasons have something special. The glorious weather - a guarantee for breathtaking views! Autumnal advice for a casual time

...at the eva,VILLAGE in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Everyone who has experienced such a clarity of nature and air, will find it difficult to tear themselves way from its magical effect. A comfortable freshness meets warming sun rays - a marriage that guarantees Alpine delight!

Biking in autumn:
In this season, the trails of the Saalbach Hinterglemm bike arena seem like pulsating veins surrounded by colourful meadows and forests. The "Hacklberg" trail, which is a legend among the single trails in the valley, enjoys an exceptional reputation. Especially the upper section of the natural trail impresses with a lot of "flow" and a breathtaking setting! On the left you can see the majestic "Hohe Tauern" range, on the right the autumnal Saalbach Hinterglemm.
Other cool trails, for instance the various trails of the World Games of Mountain Biking, inspire with visual delicacies alongside epic ascents and fast descents.
The tricky "root trail" guarantees late summer adrenaline and hones your riding skills. If you're interested in learning more about this tour, this blog has a lot of information material about this enduro round.

Hiking in autumn:
Hikes and strolls are this season's classic passtime. More and more leaves are playfully tumbling to the ground and covering the paths like a colourful carpet. The stable weather situation guarantees opportunities for longer hiking expeditions and the still fairly powerful sun is perfect for autumn strolls. Would you like a few pointers for a cool hiking expedition? Are you ready to face the vastness? You can find more information on the topic here.

eva,VILLAGE in autumn:
Just like nature itself, the mood of humans changes with the seasons. In short: it gets cosier. And humans want to share this cosiness with their loved ones. In this spirit, we hereby extend an invitation to eva,MOUNTAIN+FRIENDS, a meeting for friends who want to spend some time together.
To pass the time until then, this weekend marks the 2nd "Musi Berggaudi" in Hinterglemm. So put on those "dirndls" and "lederhosen" - it's time to dance!
As you can see, autumn is a cool season. And we'd love to spend this time with you!

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