Face the Vastness: The 7 Summits

Step by step one overcomes rough and smooth, a few times stop to marvel at the panorama - always a nice break - and continue towards next summit.

The concept of time is quickly forgotten and you become one with the moment, the here and now.

Fewer and fewer thoughts are wasted on the mundane everyday life and all your focus and concentration is directed at the next metres of the path and the next gain in altitude. With increasing fatigue, this process is accelerated. Save energy, look ahead, and savour this immense satisfaction!

Long distances have always fascinated humans. It is an unbelievable feeling to lose yourself in endurance, in the walk, and in time while finding to yourself. This applies to all long hikes: pilgrimages, ultra-marathons, or long walks.

"7 Summits"

The "7 Summits" in Saalbach belong to the last category: a long endurance hike in a scenic landscape framed by the majestic "Hohe Tauern" mountain range on the one side, and Kitzbühel's "Steinberge" on the other. The "7 Summits" trail in Glemmtal is very special, not least because of its very special route. Due to the topography of the valley, one walks at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres above sea level permanently. Walking downhill is a rarity.

The seven summits on the route are all equipped with electronic devices that allow hikers to log in via an app called "Summitlynx". This process even works offline. This means that every mountaineer can claim a place in the virtual summit book. Upon return to the eva,VILLAGE, one can gleefully admire the route on a tablet, a mobile phone, or a computer before sharing one's achievements with friends.

eva,VILLAGE: your Alpine homebase

The eva,VILLAGE hotel, located in the heart of Saalbach, is the perfect starting point for such expeditions. After all, the adventure starts with an ascent in the "Schattberg X-Press". The valley station is located a few metres from the hotel and is accessible for "7 Summits" athletes Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 7.40am.

Once you have arrived at the summit station, you head off in the direction of Hinterglemm to swiftly claim the first of the seven summits. After the "Stemmerkogel" and "Hochkogel", the path playfully weaves through mountain meadows and rubble towards the technically most demanding ascent: the "Hochsaalbachkogel". Surefootedness is advantageous at this point - the reward is a breathtaking view of the Glemmtal.

The next summit victories can be celebrated on the "Bärensteigkogel", the "Manlitzkogel", and the "Mittagskogel", before you head for the finak highlight of the tour: at an altitude of 2,363m above sea level, the "Geisstein" is the highest point of Saalbach Hinterglemm. After the final steps towards the summit, you are stunned by a vast panoramic view. You really deserve a break and a snack now!

The descent leads over the "Birgel" towards the end of the valley. This final section should not be underestimated, so make sure you still have some provisions left.
Overall, you, as a "7 Summit" hero, have covered 24km and an altitude difference of 1,413m. More than enough to reward yourself with a beer in the eva,ALM.

If you would like to learn more about this endurance tour, please feel free to contact Gunter, our sport and vitality coach who is always more than happy to share his wisdom. Our model athlete know every stone in the valley above an altitude of 2,000m.

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