Fitness and vitality coach

There are countless fitness and vitality coaches out there. There is, however, only one Gunter. He is wiry, suntanned, and always in the best physical condition - a thoroughbred sportsman.

Wiry, suntanned, and in the best physical condition

“I feel most comfortable in the great outdoors. I can’t imagine a life without physical activity”, Gunter explains. He is a fantastic boulderer, biker, ski mountaineer, and ice climber. This requires absolute fitness and the right state of mind. “The mentality can shift boundaries and heightens the experience factor. Body, mind, and spirit need to find common ground and be in harmony”, the fitness coach of the eva,VILLAGE explains.

In addition to the physical aspects, Gunter is also a trained yoga & meditation coach. As an avid Skyrunner - a sport that involves vertical mountain running & trail hiking - he constantly challenges his personal limits. “Lactate pregnant” is cool, the insiders claim. Gunter has participated in countless Skyrunning events and is also the co-organiser of ski hiking marathons and mountain running contests.

“The passion behind mountain running is incomparable. I really enjoy sharing these breathtaking experiences with other people. That’s why my career as a coach was written in the stars many years ago”, the nature lover says when evaluating his life path. That is his personal story.

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