In accordance with the mountains

Stress, necessary evil in a modern world and a needless burden for your body. A relaxing break in the mountains the perfect solution - fill up your energy level find your way back to the roots.

Enjoy silence upon the summits, no noise, no haste - only you and the silent whispering of the winds. The inner balance is the goal. Yoga and the mountains fit perfectly together. Both are sometimes expedient to enter this world of inner freedom. The combination of both is the best - Yoga in the mountains, yoga in Saalbach.



It’s soothing, sometimes demanding and results in satisfaction. Yoga is an indic philosophy with tasks to fulfill like Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Kriyas, meditation and asceticism. Yoga isn’t difficult although most of us have some hilarious contortions in mind. Everybody is able to enjoy this philosophy with unique exercises.
Gunter explains how to savour the practices.

eva, in Balance
We love to entertain and indulge you. The epic scenery of Saalbach is the perfect place - fresh and vital in the true sense of the word. Because in height of 1.000 metres in the eva,VILLAGE it is easy to enjoy special moments
The bubbly character and the wiry frame of Gunter let him climb the mountains like chamois. With a grin from ear to ear he shows our guests the most beautiful places of the alpine region.
A sporty freethinker. But Gunter has also a reverse side. You can convince yourself of his calm character at the yoga-seminars. He is practicing yoga and meditation since 15 years. He shows his prowess and knowledge in his special seminars. A guidance to relax.
He offers a perfect Balance out of Kriya yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Karma yoga, Ashtanga yoga and meditation techniques.

At least 3 times a week you can experience yoga lessons in the eva, with Gunter. Unique moments will be guaranteed.


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