The very Austrian term "lässig" loosely translated into "cool". It is quite commonly used in Saalbach. "A cool descent, a cool bloke, etc." It's casual, but also has strong, individual undertones.

"A cool descent, a cool bloke..."

People who are described as "lässig" (ergo: cool) often have the reputation of being fairly casual. But beware! There is more to the term than first meets the eye (or ear). These people know exactly what they want. They have very clearly defined values. This personal "anchor" is what enables them to live their lives "lässig", yet self-determined. Many of the eva,VILLAGE guests are truly "lässig". They are, on the one hand, casual in terms of dealing with other people and communication in general. Even when things don't go their way, they can still laugh it off. On the other hand, they are also very demanding in terms of what is important for them. It doesn't take long to gauge what is important to them either, be it in terms of selecting the right dishes and/or wines. One can sense the high standards they demand. Other people may be more interested in perfectly planning the routes they want to follow during a day on the slopes. The latter can just ask Gunter for his expert advice. If you want to know which treatment suits you best, Kathi has all the right answers. THEY ALL SHARE INTEREST AND CURIOSITY. THIS IS WHAT DRIVES THEM FROM ONE EXPERIENCE TO THE NEXT.

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