A journeyman with bags of experience: a jack of all trades

Martin brings tons of experience to the table. He, who describes himself as “a jack of all trades”, is officially listed as the assistant manager.

Management assistant

“The responsibility for the success of the business as a whole is what drives me to do things that aren’t necessarily part of my duties. These tasks are important to ensure that the business works and the guests have a good time”, the management assistant says when explaining his self-description.

Originally in the gourmet catering business, he earned his badges during countless hours on cruise ships and gained invaluable experience at one of the best event hotels on Lake Wolfgang. Today, he enjoys the family atmosphere in Saalbach. The two eva,HOTELS are his current challenge. “The season is intense, which is quite normal in this industry. I love how down-to-earth this valley feels. The guests enjoy soaking up this lifestyle. In my opinion, that’s a particular strength of this region.”

Martin perceives himself as a sporty type who enjoys cycling, climbing, mountaineering, and skiing. “I may not have a lot of free time, but I can enjoy it to the fullest, especially as the area offers great recreational value.” He often recommends the traditional “Pinzgauer Kasnocken” to the guests - or the junior manager’s famous poppy-seed cake. The quality of the food is of the utmost importance. Apart from the mountains, nature, and the Alpine movement in general, the art of culinary seduction is an integral part of the business concept. “It’s beautiful here in Saalbach”, he says. And off he races on his bike…

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