Once around the ski circuit

Thank you, topography. The natural arrangement of mountains in Saalbach means you’ll be able to ski proper circuits. Again and again. Starting anywhere. That’s true - it’s an infinite circuit. Taking off your skis? Just long enough to enter the next gondola. Walking won’t be necessary!

You’ll be able to start directly at the eva,VILLAGE. The few steps to reach the Bernkogel lift can be chalked up as a “warm-up”. Stretching your muscles a bit is recommended by experts anyway.

Totally awesome. 32 comfortable lifts will enhance your joy. And you’ll have a great view. As soon as you glide to a stop on the Bernkogel, you’ll feel fresh wind in your face. The snow crunches underfoot - click into the binding. A few turns will get you to the Bernkogel chair lift.

The first alpine goal is Reiter Ost. Let’s get going towards the summit. And now we need to make the first decision. Ski to the lift or take a shortcut in skating step? An early morning downhill run comes highly recommended. The wide piste with a nice view of Saalbach, freshly prepared, invites a few swift turns. Now that’s a pick-me-up.

Arriving at 1816 meters altitude, we glide towards Hochalm.

Tip: You’ll have Piste 28, a very nice detour turning towards Tyrol, almost to your own. However - watch out for oncoming traffic. The gourmand won’t be much bothered by this. Turning into Rosswaldhütte. Fried chicken salad with a side of cranberry, best taken with a view of Hohe Tauern. At noon, the best place to be is the beautiful sun deck next to the wall.

Here at the Hochalm, the stunning beauty of nature never ceases to amaze. With a few relaxed turns, we’re now continuing on to Hochalm Mittelstation. Just this winter, a bothersome basin right before Mittelstation was “defused”. No stress. Smooth gliding.

The Hochalm is a carving skier’s paradise. The Piste 25 Sonnhofabfahrt - turn right after alighting from the chair lift - is a great alternative. It always puts a smile on Hans’ face. It’s one of his favorites.

If you’re looking for sharp turns, you’ll love the constrained terrain of 23.

And if you still haven’t taken a break, it’s time to turn into Walleggalm. Enjoy the alpine disco. Dance into your break.

On the downhill run, we reach the Zwölferkogel’s dark side. It’s the Hinterglemmer’s absolute favorite. On the Zwölfer Nordbahn, you’ll get back to the sun in a few minutes. Here is where the memorable World Ski Championships 2015 were held.

Adrenaline seekers will now tackle the Osthang. Sharp turns - it’s steep. Very steep. Considering the steepness, your speed will increase no matter what. This piste is always a challenge. For skiers as well as the workers preparing the piste.

The professionals competing in the World Cup will run straight through it - usually squatting. Unbelievable. Even the most advanced skiers cannot help but admire this feat. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another Championship here and watch the best of the best compete?

Easygoing skiers will turn towards the blue piste. Including families. It’s fun.

At Mittelstation, both groups meet again. How about a short break in Xandl Stadl before taking the gondola Schattberg West towards Saalbach? Sure! Breaks are always appreciated.

Wearing a yellow outfit very nicely works for the next piste - red. Very cool. Wide pistes are the carving skier’s delight, and your skis are pointing towards Saalbach again.

The journey home starts off rather relaxed. It’s downhill until Jausern. Don’t forget to stop every now and then and take in the sun-gleaming mountain landscape. And now we enter one of the most modern lifts in the world. The Schönleitenbahn gets us back up again. A nice piece of equipment.

Now it’s time to squat. Hopefully, this summer’s ski squat workouts at Bergzipfelweg paid off. Because it’s getting flat now. We’ll need to glide. And once again we’ll feel the familiar sting of the large muscles.

It’s beautiful around here. Enjoy the panorama from Wildenkarkogel summit. However, we’re proceeding towards Kohlmais. Squatting, of course. You’ve got to earn your blueberry Schmarrn (traditional pancake-like dish). We’re trying to get to the panorama Alm. Our last stop on the route. We’re almost done with the circuit. We can feel our legs. Just what we needed.

A few turns, and we’re back in the valley. Take off and shoulder your skies. As usual. Points forward, bindings behind the body. With an elegant, yet somewhat exhausted stride, towards the next goal. The incomparable eva,ALM. Downtown. Right at the Saalbach Catwalk. Right in the heart of alpine life.

Aprés Ski at its best. What else, after this circuit?

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