Our Rooms - Comfortable with Natural Diversity

The beauty and diversity of nature never fails to impress.

The green, the white, the blue...

In keeping with the rules of nature, the rooms in the eva,VILLAGE are defined by truly natural materials. Wood, loden, and carefully selected natural fabrics form a recurring theme in all rooms and areas of the hotel. Nevertheless, every room is unique. "Nothing is off-the-peg. That wouldn't be in line with the authentic eva, style we love", Daniela says while explaining the hotel's approach in terms of lodging. The unconditional attention to detail creates real unicums, over and over again. This diversity is what makes every stay a new, unique experience.

The fragrance of nature

Curiosity is kindled from the moment one sets foot in the room. Fragrance plays a part that should not be underestimated. The scent of arolla pine triggers the olfactory sense. Am I in a forest? No, but you're very close, as is proven by a quick glance through the window. At first one may think that the huge eva, sweets are a "sweet seduction", but that couldn't be further from the truth. As when one opens the cupboard door, the nose detects a wooden scent of arolla pine. The senses come to life and one simply cannot forget that earlier glance through the window.

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