Put your hat on PARTY

On the 25th of february the time has come again. We celebrate the legendary eva, carnival party!

"Put your hat on - party"

We in eva, love traditions ...
... and the carnival time - also known as the fifth season - AND as perfect skiing time.

Have you already been there? Do you want to be there?

When the smell of fresh donuts goes through the hotel, then our regular guests know our legendary eva, carnival party is not far away. Every year on Shrove Tuesday we celebrate in the eva, Hotel. We transform the hotel into a dance floor with casual live music, cool drinks and culinary delicacies. Everybody is invited to dress up but our focus - as the title says - is on the hats.

Evil spirits are expelled and good spirits awakened. We dance, sing and laugh. We celebrate life.

In the spirit of "Put your hat on" the guests can bring their own hats, and for those who do not have obe, there is at the eva, reception the already popular hat rental - style advice, of course, including ;)

CARNIVAL FROM COLOGNE TO SAALBACH - on the hats - get ready !!!

Be quick and get your room - enjoy endless snow and funny carnival

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