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The Angelo Gaja vineyard was founded in 1859. Today, it is one of the most prominent of its kind in Italy. It was also one of the first vineyards to switch to bottling.

Darmagi - an idyll in Piemont

This idyllic vineyard in Piemont has its headquarters in Cuneo, near Barbaresco. It is currently run by the 4th generation of the owner family. The current owner, Angelo Gaja, took over the vineyard from his father in 1969. He is open to new ideas and attaches great importance to using the best vines and immaculate processing. The vines are cut shorter (less yield, but higher fruit percentage). When Angelo Gaja switched the southern exposure below his home in Barbaresco from Nebbiolo to Cabernet Sauvignon, his father commented on the change with the following legendary statement: "Darmagi". This Italian term for "what a shame" subsequently became the name for both the loation and the wine it produces: Darmagi.

About the vintner:

Angelo Gaja / Gaja Darmagi vineyard

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