In Saalbach you can sleep in rooms. Take a shower. Linger. Enjoy the time or look out the window, internalize the moment. Rooms with character result from love for materials and details. "No, eva, does not accept anything 'off the peg'," Daniela says. Instead, custom-made, multi-colored, shapely, cozy.
Rooms are like people. Splendid one-of-a-kind rooms of natural materials. Character counts. As it does for a person.
The names of the rooms were created from the fragrant perfume brands available at eva,BEAUTY. With a deeper meaning, of course.


Stands for the eternal cycle. "Sam" means "complete", "sar" for " ow". It translates into "a wandering through". Guests lovingly call it the "wow-room". With 70 square meters and a big balcony, the room lives up to its name. You could swear that in this room, equipped with waterfall shower, bathtub, Nespresso coffee maker and daybed, the world turns more slowly. Thoughts wander through at a leisurely pace too.


The pearl. Colorful, generous, delicate, natural. Emanates a wonderful sensation of space and discreet luxury. Warm wooden notes contribute to a homey feeling. It is hard to refrain from the seductive power of this pearl!



The healthy one. "Val" means "forest" in the Albanian language and "tina" means "beauty". A little chalet ambience, much coziness. Voilá Valentina – shows us exactly those attributes. You irresistible healthy forest-beauty.


The name has Latin roots. "Calvus" (Latin: "bald") represents the opposite.
The room is everything but bald. Alpine ambience, a touch of cottage style and a lot of extravagance. Coziness adds harmony to the time spent here.

A wonderful place to live.

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