Ski Tours - Climb the Mountains at Walking Pace

Has the world turned upside down? Is it crazy to conquer the slopes from the bottom to the top? Of course it isn't. Our desire to be free and in the great outdoors is limitless.

Wintery delight in the great outdoors

While the average age of a ski tour enthusiast used to be above 42 years, it is currently in the early 30s. The increasing number of female ski tour enthusiasts is a particularly pleasing trend. The people who conquer the mountains from the bottom to the top range from families to extreme mountain runners. I myself am a huge fan of ski tours too. The delight of experiencing winter in the great outdoors is incomparable. Adrenalin bursts guarantee true moments of happiness. As in all walks of life, there are certain rules to follow to ensure that safety always comes first. After all, we want everyone to return safe and sound. Please don't hesitate to ask Gunter, our sport and vitality coach.

Ski tours for everyone

From 5pm onwards, once can tackle the slope in Viehhofen in the direction of Schönleiten until 9pm. In order to allow all ski tour enthusiasts to train, this particular slope does not get groomed before 9pm.


All slopes (except the flood light piste) in Saalbach are, in line with local police regulations, closed from 5pm to 8.30am. The lift operators would like to highlight the dangers caused by the cable-winch slope grooming with snow groomers after hours! Ski tours on closed slopes are PROHIBITED! Avalanches and other Alpine dangers, such as sudden weather changes, can be life-endangering.

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