Snowshoeing for Nature Lovers

This is a trend that has been picked up by many of late. Even winter sports don't remain unaffected by new developments.

Tour skis or snowshoes

Exploring nature on one's own steam is a new and fulfilling experience. The hunter inside us has re-developed a will to gather. Let's hunt in snowshoes, shall we? Let's gather all sorts of experiences, shall we? Our tour starts in the Lengau district, shortly after the village of Hinterglemm ends. Your eyes will widen with amazement once you see the natural spectacle the valley head has to offer. Far away from the innovative and ever-popular cable cars, this area is dedicated to the balance of tranquility and nature. This is also an insider tip for cross-country skiing. The terrain remains fairly flat at the start of the trail. This is a good way to start an expedition into nature. The landscape is usually covered in a thick layer of snow. Despite the low temperatures, it warms the heart. The deep-white branches dangle in front of you like enormous cotton pads. The mighty trees seem to be bowing down in honour of days long gone. Stop every now and then. Feel nature when there are no sounds surrounding you. This is awesome! Those who manage to tread lightly in their snowshoes may even spot a deer or two. Yes, this is where animals and humans still co-exist. You have now reached a relatively short forest section. Once you have passed through it, you are rewarded with a mountain meadow covered in a deep blanket of snow. Is it kitsch when a quaint mountain hut, dressed completely in white, creeps into the picture in the peaceful evening light? So much beauty needs to be met with more physical stimulation. You're approaching the last ascent. You are mere steps away from all your human desires being fulfilled. Come on! The "Lindlingalm" at the end of the valley is within your grasp. Take a deep breath. Before you enter the mountain hut for a hearty snack, you should really take in the impressive wooden structures of the tree-top trail. What now? Eat, drink, and be merry! Relish how uncomplicated life can be!

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