Let´s have a break at a hut - Tips where to go!

A day in the mountains without a break - does not exist!

Whether the hut is already the destination or just a stop on a hike - it is part of a day in the mountains! But where is it most comfortable?


Out of bed & up to the mountain! Whether you are a biker or a hiker, after a few meters everybody needs a break. Could a break be more beautiful than with a Pinzgauer Brettljausn, fresh Hollersaft or just leaning back against the hut in the sun? No - we can not imagine anything more nice.

the hiking paradise Saalbach Hinterlemm offers 40 huts to choose from, everywhere you can enjoy your mountain day. Spoiled for choice - that's why the eva, team reveals their favorite huts - eva,POIs:



WHAT A COOL PLACE! The Spielbergalm is "cool" not only because of the bikers and casual hikers who have their homebase there in summer. No, also because it can only be reached in 1 hour from the eva, VILLAGE so really "cool" for spontaneous or short-term hikes. The bike is just 40 minutes - borrow one in the hotel and let´s go!


You just arrived in Saalbach at the eva, VILLAGE and then you can go straight to the Burgeralm and enjoy the nice garden there. From the center of Saalbach over the Spielbergweg it takes just under 1.5 hours to Burgeralm and is one of the most popular destination for the first hike.


A rustic hut as in the books! The Forsthofalm is placed over the end of the valley. A unique view to the mountains which sourrounds the area is incredible.  From Chill Out hikers to Bergfex - everyone finds a challenge at the end of the valley and should visit the Forsthofalm.



The new Kohlmaisbahn makes the Panorama Alm even better accessible. An excursion destination with a mountain view guarantee, as the name of the Panorama Alm is no accident.  Bikers drive directly past the Alm - ideal for a break with an awesome view!


Standort SONNALM

INSIDER TIP: A sunrise hike with our guide Gunter and afterwards a mountain breakfast at the Sonnalm. It could not be better! Open your eyes - maybe you'll meet someone of the eva, team  - we love this start into the day!


Standort eva,ALM

The only Alm in the valley and that's why it's so cool. In summer, there is live music every thuesday and a chilled sundowner with DJ on Fridays. There is something going on in the heart of Saalbach - let´s meet at the eva, ALM terrace. #evamoments, Downtown Saalbach



*eva,POI = POINTS OF INTEREST specially selected for our guest by the eva,team
GPS is everywhere in our lifes. At the wrist, in our pockets or our mobiles, … POIs (Points Of Interest) are places with value for their visitores. We at eva, interpret them as places which add value to you holidays and create a special experience for you. eva,POIs mark places where you have a wonderful view, delicious food or somekind of other amazing experience. The eva,team helps you to have a great time and #evamoments.

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MINI Gathering at eva,VILLAGE in Saalbach takes place from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July 2022.