You can call this experience on the bike as intensive - not only physically, because the golden colors of autumn bombard your synapses during the entire tour. Today we describe a tour for the E-Biker, the Soul-Biker or simply to gain altitude and kilometers for the next World Games of Mountain biking.


The target is quickly chosen: the small chapel on the Schönleiten, with an almost unreal view of the Leogang mountains. The retreat after that is also considered, traditional roast pork in thin mountain air - delicious!

"I love this long tour in the fall, the final panorama is worth the effort, and this tour is perfect for newcomers to the e-bike. As a Uphiller without electric motor, you get a great workout here! The sunny side of the valley ensures pleasant temperatures in Autumn!“, enthuses our expert Manuel.



From the eva,VILLAGE you ride uphill direction Spielberghaus. The Spielbergweg still shrouds you in shadow, unclouded view of the trees through the ages. Just in front of the Spielberghaus, the treetop lifts and you can catch the first glimpse of Tyrol. Attentive story readers know the tour to Tyrol already.
After you pass the barrier at the Spielberghaus, the forest road meanders to the Wirtsalm. The view into the valley reveals the altitude difference - yes, it goes uphill.

Along a scenic section of the forest, you approach a really steep ramp in front of the Panorama Alm. With an electric motor and in turbo mode, it's easy, with no engine, it's a gnashing effort.
Panorama Alm reached - mountain air floods the lungs, the beads of perspiration drip in time as the gaze sweeps contentedly into the distance. Exactly these moments make such perennial tours unique. #voilässig!

After the Panorama Alm, it goes downhill and you drive along the ski slope - of course without snow - to Thurneralm.

The next uphill is waiting. Now turn left and continue on a connecting path to the main forest road. After a few meters in the shade, you come to a fork. Now care is needed. Not as the intuition tempts to turn left uphill, but again downhill to the final forest road on the Schönleiten. As described, after the short downhill on a ski slope, it continues on a wider forest road. The ropes of the gondola lift are already visible and after you have left them behind the target appears on the horizon. The small chapel and the breathtaking view can be seen from afar. Luckily, the road now also becomes flatter. Phew, almost done.



A few minutes later you have reached the destination. With a proudly swollen breast you can enjoy the view. Gorgeous, the expression "epic" is on the lips.

After a rest on the rustic Schönleiten hut you can start the descent. After the previous effort, the classic descent on the Schönleitenweg is recommended. From the middle station, this is even paved. This does not diminish the mountain bike experience.

The path leads into the valley in the district of Jausern. After crossing the road you ride back to the center of Saalbach and to the eva,VILLAGE.

As described above - a breathtaking tour for the fall season in Saalbach.

Manuel did a GPX Tour in the link below for you

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