In different words, how does the bee actually hibernate? Winter sleep like the bear? Or do the swarms move south? Questions, which we would like to answer in the eva,. This beekeeping is also for us an exciting new territory.

The eva,GARDEN is here the adoptive home of three bee colonies. Willi, Maja, Kassandra and Co. made themselves comfortable in the mountains of Saalbach. We like to see this, as well as the homemade honey at the next year's breakfast table.

But let's get back to the winter and let the cover picture do not mislead you.


The beehives are sealed with a resin mass by the beekeeper - also the small insects love the warmth. Because in the crevices of the beehives the wind can whistle coldly. The honeycombs are now filled by the hard-working bees, a survival stock for the coldest of winters. Because in Saalbach we have freezing nights in winter. Cuddling helps. Sounds romantic but is urgently needed over the winter months. The bees push themselves close together and form the so-called winter cluster. In the middle of this formation resides the queen - the queen bee. But cuddling alone is not enough, there must be a bit of movement into the game. Similar to the crowds at the après ski hotspots of Saalbach. And so the bees dance like partypeople. This of course consumes a lot of energy and makes the bees hungry. The strengthening awaits again in the honeycombs - a spectacular microcosm in the eva,GARDEN.


If the beekeeper collects honey, he must provide a substitute for the winter for the bees

In the outer area of ​​this winter cluster, it is naturally colder and so the bees change with warming the queen.
So we can summarize: the bee dances, vibrates and cuddles through the winter and does not hold a winter sleep!

Well then, happy dancing in Saalbach!


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