The eva, cup - A Short Story

It was the autumn of the year 2014. The time hase come to design and order new eva, cups.

So far so good... Not a problem...

The order was placed in time and we were looking forward to the delivery. Those great looking new cups were supposed to be delivered in eight weeks. "That leaves us plenty of time", Daniela thought to herself. But as is life, there are always surprises lurking around the corner, so why should it be any different in the case of our cups? Don't count your chickens before they hatch. We didn't stress out when the eight weeks had passed, but after 10 weeks we started wondering. We were told that the cups are on their way, which still left us plenty of time. However, we did start worrying when the 16-week mark approached. We duly filed a missing cups report at the manufacturer. "Who has seen these cups? They have been missing for more than six weeks", Daniela laughs about the issue today.

Nobody could tell us where they were at this point. They must be somewhere, but we started admitting to ourselves that our lovely new cups may remain lost forever. "It wasn't a good situation. We thought we might need to start the winter season without the new cups", Daniela explains. Then we were notifed of an imminent delivery at the beginning of summer 2015. "We had no idea what this delivery would be. And then they were here, neatly packaged and unharmed right on our doorstep. The arrival was as surprising as their loss had been. We welcomed them joyfully. Those who embark on a journey have a story to tell. This old saying also applies to our eva,cups."

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