The Austrians call the apricot lovingly Marille. That sounds a little more cute for this fruit. The apricot knows to spoil, whether early in the morning on the bread or later as a palate-tickling finish. A day without apricots is hard to imagine in the eva,VILLAGE.

The reputation of the fruit is great here, so many trips are undertaken on their behalf. For example to the Wachau in Lower Austria. Home of the best apricots. Scented and tasty, they hang out there from the trees and wait for the picking guests from Saalbach. After all, we have been visiting the friendly peasants in Oberarnsdorf in the middle of the Wachau for more than 5 years. For picking and tasting.

Prunus armeniaca - the apricot

Prunus armeniaca - the apricot - is a remedy for many little ailments. The red-orange color comes from the beta-carotene - as in carrots - and becomes vitamin A. In the body, vitamin A makes us look better, at least it does well, and also provides strong cartilage and bone tissue. Viruses and bacteria have a hard time with apricots, because vitamin A is also good for the defense against infections. The well-known classics such as vitamin C, iron, calcium and magnesium are part of this super fruit. Even if you do not notice, the apricot is full of water. Of course, the fruit is not a melon, but it is bursting with liquid inside. Ideal when the thermometer continuously wants upward as in the last days. Pretty impressive for the little fruit. She is more likely to be seen in the kitchen. For example, in our eva,VILLAGE the Marille is processed into the coveted stewed apricot - the garnish of the Kaiserschmarrn. Fits to the alpine flair. Can we convince you to the apricot? With this recipe certainly!

RECIPE TIP: apricot crumble

  • 500 g of apricots     
  • 60 g sugar     
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice     
  • 100 g oatmeal     
  • 90 g brown sugar     
  • 75 g flour     
  • 90 g soft butter
  1. Wash the apricots, cut them in half and core them     
  2. Then mix with white sugar and lemon juice     
  3. Grease a small baking dish and spread the apricots     
  4. Preheat oven to 180 ° C     
  5. For the sprinkles, mix all ingredients and sprinkle over the apricots     
  6. Crumble for about 25 minutes. If the crumb is crisp and crisp brown, you can adjust the grill function at the oven until the desired tan is reached

This apricot crumble tastes best when it is served hot. Vanilla ice cream and / or whipped cream match perfectly to this sweet.  

Well, let your taste buds dance tango and taste the winter with stewed apricots. Of course to Kaiserschmarrn in the mountains of Saalbach!


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