The Origins - The eva,GARDEN

This place, where the eva, concept has its roots, mostly attracts people who value the mountains, exercise, nature, peace and quiet, and the panoramic views of the Alpine ranges.

The Garden Community

The so-called Garden Community, which is mostly associated with a fairly humble mindset in terms of life demands and living standards, consists of many individuals who have a story or two to tell. They attach great importance to the special moments nature has to offer and physical exercise. These individuals are very focused, make no mistake. This focus makes them receptive for the many natural wonders around them. In winter, the "Kohlmaisbahn" ski lift is just steps away from the hotel - a luxury in terms of location that saves time. Upon return, the guests can (normally) ski right up to the hotel doors. A final turn right in front of the hotel is, after all, a must these days. There are many stories about the eva,GARDEN. The list of stories grows every time guests tell us about their personal experiences in our house.

Gunter, vitality coach, is a nature-loving and enthusiastic mountain & touring ski freak. He organises and participates in countless events every year. eva, recommends guided tours with our vitality coach, mainly because he knows the mountains surrounding Saalbach like the back of his hand. One should never underestimate the risk that exploring the mountains can pose. Our guests' health and safety is of paramount importance. We strive to ensure that our visitors enjoy an untarnished, natural experience. Gunter will keep you safe in our breathtaking mountain environment.

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