The Perfect Day of Skiing

The blurry gaze out of the window settles it. It's time to wake up.

A short story from the Alpine diary of Daniela Unterkofler

An admittedly blurry gaze out of the window settles it. It's time to wake up. After all, the sleeping giants are waking up in all their white glory too, right before our eyes. The sun rises behind the mountain range majestically. One can feel the urge for physical activity increasing. There needs to be time for an energy-laden eva,breakfast. Granted, the "Kohlmais" cable car is just around the corner, so one doesn't lose too much time in that respect. It's only 8.30am, after all. I simply cannot wait to carve the first turns into the - as always - perfectly groomed slopes. That feeling is simply incomparable. As a passionate carving enthusiast, I like finding space on the slopes. On the "Kohlmais", the eva,local mountain, I normally find all the space I need. The session starts the second the cable car arrives at the summit. I jump out and let the cold air flood my lungs - pure bliss! My sensors connect with the snow instantly. My body releases loads of endorphins. After three spectacular descents, my thighs start to burn a little. The slopes are becoming more crowded. It's time for a change. The "Bernkogel" is waiting. I jump back into the cable car and then take the 6-seater chairlift to the summit. The view is breathtaking! I pursue my goal relentlessly. That goal is the "Hochalm" in Hinterglemm, which basically marks the end of the ski arena. There's a middle station at "Reiter-Ostbahn". It's a sublime feeling to sit in a chairlift. It reminds me of my childhood, hovering above the mountains below a glass dome that allows enough fresh air to reach my lungs. A few moments and turns later, I find myself approaching the "Hochalm" 6-seater. Perfect! The widest pistes are calling out for my polished ski edges. I am looking at a huge canvas made of snow. After a few high-speed descents, I wander on to the "Spieleck" tow lift - a lovable relic from the era of mountain pioneers. The descent with a slight incline is a dream come true. It still feels so natural, you know? A glance to the right opens up a view of the valley head. There are no pillars to obstruct the breathtaking view. I head back to Saalbach via the "shady side" of the valley. My legs are tired after an intense day of skiing. I pop into the eva,ALM for a well-deserved and much needed glass of wine. It's great to chat about the day with fellow skiers too. What will tomorrow bring? I'm planning to explore Fieberbrunn, which is completely new territory for me.

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