The Unterkofler Family - Tips for the winter

Loyalty KOMMA readers already know them - The Stories  of the Unterkofler Family with  insider tips from Eva, Hans and Daniela. Today they present feel-good tips for the winter start. #evawintertipps

When it gets chilly outside and the first snowflakes fall, it's a special time every year. On the one hand, of course, because we are looking forward to skiing again, to our guests, our employees, the season. On the other hand, this time also means a change for the body - thick sweaters, gloves and we can warm ourselves again and keep us warm - and even the skin needs a different care than in the summer.

Eva's Winter Beauty Tip

Eva Unterkofler knows all about it, because eva,BEAUTY has been around really long. Therefore, this time she gives us a tip for our skincare. Due to heating air and frosty temperatures our skin is quite stressed. Therefore, she recommends something richer than in summer and of course a nourishing lip balm. Under 8 degrees, we need this addition protection of the skin as the sebaceous glands stop working at these temperatues - this is why we need a rich cream. At night, you need somthing to hydrate the skin so it can breathe again. We have great prodcuts in our shop, for example from Chanel or Guerlain and we love to recommend somthing indivual to every customer as preferences and skinds are so different.  Get your individual recommendation for your skin type from Eva or one of our eva,BEAUTY staff when visiting the eva,BEAUTY shop on the Dorfstrasse in Saalbach the next time.

Hans' winter body & soul tip

"Do something good for the body, so that the soul likes to live in it."

That's one of Hans's favorite quotes. And he sticks to it, because he stays always physically fit by jogging, skiing, hiking and biking . The culinary enjoyment means also much to him. At the start of the winter season, he is looking forward to the hearty potato goulash on the eva, ALM.

Do you know the story about potato goulash as a diet recommendation?

Dani's winter feel-good tip

For Daniela, it is really important to keep her immune system fit at the start of the cold season and particularly important to give the body the support, to get along with the changeover. She swears to ginger tea with lemon and honey. Vitamin C Booster! Of course, with the best eva, honey. Very important here: the water may not be too hot, as Vitamin C will disappear otherwise. Drink it up fast as well, the faster, the more Vitamin C you get. The honey however.... it is the best, to eat it pure before drinking the tea, so you get most of its Vitamins out. If you put it into the tea, it is only a sweetener.

Do you also have winter start insider tips? Feel free to share them with us at #evawintertips or by email at

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