Workation – Trend or new lifestyle?


Work with a view! Why not, actually?

"Workation" is exactly the trend, especially now after Corona that futurologists predict allá Horx a mixture of work and vacation or staying in a place other than your home. And in fact, this is exactly what more and more guests at eva, are using.


First work and then pleasure - or is it the other way around? ;-)

Start your day with a wonderful hike or yoga session with a great mountain view, have an extensive breakfast and then start your day-to-day work full of energy. And to end the day, just go up the mountain and downhill with the bike!

With such an idea, you can manage the "little work" in between easily. Haven't thought about it yet? Then it's about time. Your workplace becomes more comfortable and you become more creative - without cooking, shopping or other household obligations. ;-)


The 3 best rooms for work at eva,


The new room category was designed with the ulterior motive of using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You will find sockets and electricity everywhere in the MARIE room, exactly where you need them: on the daybed, on the long board, on the bedside table or on the in-room coffee corner. In addition, your loved ones have enough space. The MARIE room can be booked for up to 4 people.



Our Samsara suite has two separate rooms, a spacious bathroom with a bathtub, an extra shower and two sinks. Space for the whole family & your office. Swap the office with your colleagues for the Samsara Suite and your family. Depending on your mood and family constellation, you can set up your workspace in the bedroom on the long board or on the adjoining balcony with a mountain view. Or you can use the time when the others are still cuddling comfortably in the oversize bed and sit down in the living room on the couch, at the table or on the second balcony of the suite. A little tip - the Nespresso machine is also here for the morning kick.



Two digital nomads will find exactly what they need here. The newly designed rooms have a super comfortable sleeping climate bed, on the higher floors a daybed with a view of Saalbach and an adjoining balcony. Every corner of the room is suitable for simply opening the laptop, connecting it to the electricity and doing a few to do`s in comfort.


If you want to let your travel buddies or your sweetheart sleep or if you want to get inspiration from the hustle and bustle of eva, friends - you are also welcome to sit in the eva, lobby. Here you have enough space and, like everywhere else in the hotel, “free wifi” to quickly check a few emails or type a few texts before the first bike ride or hike.

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