17 years and still going strong

Our popular service employee at eva,ALM spices up the everyday lives of our guests.

"That was 17 years ago..."

Zoli is attentive and rarely at a loss for a friendly word. Perhaps this stems from his origins. Born in Hungary, he loves goulash, but loves dealing with people even more.

When asked how he ended up in the Pinzgau region, “Zoli” - as his friends call him - laughs. “I came to Austria with friends in search for work. The situation in Hungary was difficult at the time. We were riding through Saalbach on our bicycles when we bumped into the managing director of eva,. He was hiring and we were willing to work. That worked out well. We liked each other right from the start”, Zoli smiles.

“After an hour of trial work - yes, one can overdo it - we struck a deal. That was 17 years ago”, he recalls fondly. His life changed in October 1999. His positive charisma has been part of the Unterkofler family’s life ever since. “I started in the eva,GARDEN, which turned into the eva,VILLAGE a little later. Then they bought the eva,ALM. The boss said that I should take charge of eva,ALM and told me how important that particular business is, because it will be a very special location.” No sooner said than done - always with a smile. When he needs to relax, he enjoys retreating to his room. “Rest is important. There’s always something going on.” When he’s not resting, he turns his attention to sports. “I enjoy tennis, football, and skiing.” When asked if this is his dream job, he answers emotionally: “It’s so much fun. It’s the dream. And I sincerely hope that the guests are satisfied with my work.”

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