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Lounge & Bar

A sinfully enjoyable life.

Cheers. Enjoy your Meal.

Pretty cool huh?

An Alm in the middle of the valley, in the center of Saalbach. "Brettl", Burger, seats in the sun & music. The adrenalin-charged bike tour is finished. The summit has been hiked. The hunger for more remains. Ah, there's still a cozy "Platzerl" or seat on the eva,ALM terrace. A rare and popular hot spot for comfort in the warm season. There it is "lässig". Homemade lemonade, cheerful people, cool location and a perfect view of the après-bike hangout and pedestrian area. Right in the middle you have everything under control, or rather at a glance! And sometimes it can happen that our guests hit the dance floor. Mostly every two weeks, when the beat of live music gets them in the party mood.

„Amfoch a guates G’fühl!"

how you say it in austrian.

Table Reservation

A dashing Lois please!

Or maybe a funny Liesl?

For which Almschmaus you going to decide, always always try the eva,ALM beer. It is a MUST-TRY. The Pinzgauer kitchen on the eva,ALM will seduce you. Regional quality products are a must on our menu.

„you can taste it."

Bacon jam's, pepper sausage, mountain cheese, "Vinschgerl", "Brettljause", cheese dumpling soup, spare ribs and apple strudel.

We are here for you!

Chef de rang at eva,ALM

The ever-popular waiter at the eva,ALM spices up the daily lives of people. Attentive and talkative - thats our Zoli.

Everything that is too much,
nature will reject.

eva, Motto