Attack the mountain

There’s no creaking when one briefly hit the breaks during an attack. No, there’s a little gravel, if anything. A little at least…

The mountain - the summit

This is a very personal matter. It’s a little diaphoretic and tests your limits. At the end of it all, you get to hug the cross on the summit. Some prefer to kiss it, mind. It feels like Christopher Columbus must have felt when he first set foot on American soil. It is discovered; it is conquered. It’s mine. What an incredible feeling this is. You might not be the first, but it is your first time.

Fatigue is replaced immediately by an adrenaline-feeling of excitement. You are empowered by the knowledge that tomorrow - yes, tomorrow - is the day that you will tackle the next summit to add to your personal trophy cabinet. Humans are hunters and gatherers. This covers both bases. A “Google Map of Victory” would be a digital, space-saving alternative.

Some people cycle past on the 280km long bicycle path known as the “Tauernradweg”, safe in the knowledge they will conquer one or two summits in passing. One gathers, right?

The journey continues. The 400km of designated mountain bike trails in Saalbach allows us to make many personal conquests - over and over again. How cool is that? At least that’s how we’d describe it today.

Pedal on - climb the mountains! Add chapters to your personal history book! A biker writes his or her own story every day. So what? Attack the mountains.

The bike’n soul hotels in Saalbach Hinterglemm are the ideal holiday destinations for all mountain bike and freeriding enthusiasts.

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