Ayurveda in the Alps - Abhyanga in Glemmtal

These ancient Indian massage techniques activate both body and soul. It also alleviates insomnia, digestive problems, and psychosomatic symptoms.

Your internal balance is restored by heat and the deep penetration of the essences.

First, the skin is treated with a herbal stamp, applied with differing levels of pressure. This is followed by warm sesame oil. It penetrates the smallest pores of the tissue and spreads quickly throughout the body. Blended with regional Alpine herbs, it achieves an effect that detoxes the body and stimulates the metabolism. The skin is gently supplied with invaluable substances. ABHYANGA relaxes, warms, and loosens the tissue of the skin, muscles, and tendons, all the way down to the bone. The warm oil conveys a sense of closeness and security. Ayurveda also resolves "undigested" issues on a psychological lebel. The swift and deep penetration of the oils is facilitated by herbal essences. In accordance with the Indian doctrine of Ashtanga Hridaya, Alpine Ayurveda aims at the preservation of life in general.

What is a herbal stamp, you ask? It's a nutrient bag filled with nutrient-rich grasses and meadow plants such as marigold, camomile, and St. John's wort.

You can book your desired treatments online or on-location.

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