eva, BEES

Without them, life changes drastically!

Standstill, step back, decay ... we will not paint this picture without a flowering nature. Much too beautiful are the moments when the first flowers spring out of  the dewy grass and the alpine meadows in the Saalbacher mountains become a feast for our dear cows.
The reason for this floral diversity is an insect. A skin flyer, lovingly described by scientists as Apiformes, occasionally also as Anthophila. What is eva, talking about? Let us remain with the name which is common to the most of us: the bee.


Every day at the breakfast table a few of us think about bees. After all, homemade honey is an integral part of many breakfast tables and also an important ingredient at the kitchen in the eva,VILLAGE. But honey is only a tasty accompaniment to their actual mission. The main purpose of the bee is namely the dusting. The pollination performance of bees is estimated to $ 265 billion worldwide. For bees this sum is quite unimportant, the flight from one flower to the next and so on is part of their determination and the pollination of flowers over long distances is a result of this behavior.
But the threat of the bee is more and more frequent in the headlines of the gazettes worldwide. Aggressive fertilization with pesticides, single-crop farming and climate change are responsible for the disappearance of millions of bees. The effects of a drastic reduction of the bee colonies would not only be seen at the breakfast table, the biodiversity of the plants would suffer as well.


In Saalbach and in the most regions of Europe the "Western Honeybee" is native. Fortunately, beekeepers enjoy a high social value in our area due to the enormous responsibility of this profession. Strictly speaking, beekeepers are the cornerstones of our civilization. If there were no bees, there would be no life in the long run. Tradition, combined with modern know-how, ensures the survival of large bee colonies and the extraction of honey. In addition to honey, beeswax is also used in cosmetics and the royal jelly is also used in medicine and sports nutrition. Gelée royale is, incidentally, the feed juice for the rearing of queen bees.

eva, BEES

Nature drives us, she gives colors and forms in eva,VILLAGE, and is silent clock of our days. Time for trying to give something back to nature. For this reason, we bought three beehives. We make this out of love for the nature and because we appreciate to spread our own "homemade" honey on our morning roll. Hopefully many people and entrepreneurs will join this idea and "invest" in bees. It is an investment in humanity, an investment in life.


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