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How to find just the right bike tour for you!

"In the meantime 13 accommodations operate under the banner of bike'n soul and additionally two shops with bike rental and an own information center. It can happen that the sprawling offer of tours and trails causes a huge question mark over the minds of the athletes."

This column out of our latest bike story "Bike Hotel eva,VILLAGE" calls for more info around the tours offering - and this what we want to share with you today. Create some AHA-moments and increase the fun.

The tour plan

When setting up the tour plan, the bike'n soulers really gave it a thought in order to create something that fits the different levels and needs of the bikers in the Glemmtal. They have created something that gives some help in finding the right tour when choosing from the variety we are lucky enought to offer.

First things first: There are some tours and trails that can only be taken with a guide. We recommend to really consider this beforehand. For all other tours, all guests are invited to ride on their own or in groups - of course it can be more fun if you do this with like-minded people and also get some secret tips & tricks from a local.

Tour 1 - Medium to difficult trails for advanced bikers

The tours that are offered as "Tour 1" are demanding with regards to the fitness as you go up to 1.500 HM. You also get support of some gondolas during that tour but mainly we focus on going uphill by bike as well. So, it is good if you have a good fitness and also some downhill experience.

Once a week, there is also offered a technical training for advanced bikers follow by a short tour. We highly recommend this, even if you have good experience.

Tour 2 - The option for beginners

Everyone who is curious and wants to test the mountainbike experience or wants to deepen the first impressions, makes surely the right choice with a tour from "Tour 2" section. These tours are less demanding, using more gondola support and easy to medium trails are being chosen.

Great and helpful: There is a technical training twice a week before starting on a tour.

E-Bike - New in 2018 and a good choice for beginners

You can choose to go on every tour with an ebike as well, but for tours that are offered as "E-bike" tours, you cannot go with a regular mountain bike. We go on easy trails and also on gravel roads (roads where also cars can drive) - this is why it is suitable for beginners as well.

Exception and highlight: the Klingeltörl tour - this is a medium to difficult tour for experienced bikers with a lot of fun, views and demanding passages.

Freeride & Downhill - The ultimated adrenaline kick

Those interesed in Freeride and Downhill tours already have some experience on the bike. Most of the freeriders are looking for ultimate freedom in the mountains. They focus mainly on going downhill, so going up means using the gondolas. Part of the freeride offer is also the Big5 Challenge - which is very popular in Saalbach. The tour level increases in the course of the week. As a beginner, we recommed to go on a tour 2 at first.


This is a special offer for teens starting from 11 years. 11 - 16 years need a signed approval by their parents. The chosen tour depends on the level of the whole group.

In general: No matter which tour you choose with bike'n soul - you will always have a quick chat with one of the guides in order to find the right tour for you.

Have fun and always remember not to miss the Kaiserschmarrn when taking a break!

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