Silence has returned to Saalbach. Christmas is not far away. But what is rustling there in eva, VILLAGE ???

... what's going on in the lobby?

You can see it through the glass front door. The Unterkoflers rummage in boxes and gradually fish out colorful and sparkling balls, cones, stars and garlands. Three eva, ALM mugs stand at the table and steam to themselves. Next to it is a plate full of biscuits. What are they doing there???

The Christmas tree in the hotel lobby is simply part of it. Even if the Christ Child and Santa Claus cannot bring presents for the Christmas guests in Saalbach this year, there must still be a little Christmas feeling in eva, VILLAGE. And so Hans, Eva and Daniela decorate the eva, Christmas tree, lively with Christmas music. They listen to music every year - at least that's the way it always is.

What Christmas songs do the three listen to? They have put their swinging favorite Christmas songs on a playlist. Have a listen and get yourself a little eva, Christmas flair straight from Saalbach to your living room, car or office.

eva Weihanchts-Playlist für Vorweihnachtsfeeling bei dir Zuhause

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