Freeride Mecca - Saalbach and Fieberbrunn

There's more of them every day. An increasing number of skiers are giving in to this fascination. We are, of course, speaking about freeriding. Freeriders adore off-piste skiing in all its forms. Brilliant.

But it can be quite dangerous...

Please always hire a ski guide from a local skiing school or Gunter, our vitality coach, for such adventures. Just ask for Gunter at the reception. Safety should always come first, for both humans and animals. Guides know all the best freeride areas in Saalbach and where you can find the best snow conditions on the day. In addition, one should always bring along a shovel, an avalanche probe, and an avalanche transceiver to ensure that one can help oneself and others if the need arises. Spread out across the entire ski resort, skiers can find control stations that offer an opportunity to test said transceivers. Those who don't have a lot of experience in terms of deep powder skiing, should really consider booking a course. The ultra-broad powder skis can be rented or purchased at the local ski rental stations, which are merely a few houses down the road from the eva,VILLAGE. The merger of the Saalbach and Fieberbrunn ski areas is a dream come true for all freeriders. It is no coincidence that the Freeride World Tour is a regular event in Fieberbrunn.

Information about the Freeride World Tour track:
  • Track: Wildseeloder North Face
  • Start: 2,118m
  • Finish: 1,500m
  • Vertical drop: 610m
  • Slope gradient: up to 70 degrees

All relevant information can be found here:

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