Freestyle Show Night

What was the slogan in our KOMMA magazine? "Life reinvents itself in Saalbach again and again!" - true, variety is on the agenda in the ski resort in the Austrian Alps! Because next to the bars and pubs for the neat après ski, every Thursday the Freestyle Show Night takes place directly behind the eva,VILLAGE.

... more precisely, at the Turmwiese.

From 8:30 pm the acrobats will spin on skis and snowboards through the night sky of Saalbach accompanied by show acts and live music. Every week, more than 2,000 visitors celebrate this spectacle and only a few meters behind the eva,VILLAGE with the eva,ALM.
But how did the whole thing come about? What was the catalyst for the idea of ​​consolidating this spectacular show in the Saalbach event calendar? What causes people to make such a gigantic kicker on the slopes?
Roland Hofer, the head behind the show, stood for the eva, speech and answer. Roli is well known to the attentive Saalbach connoisseurs and mountain bike fans. After all, he is the head shaper of Shape Syndicate and responsible for the trails and lines in the Bike Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm. Roland also shapes the kicker for skiers and snowboarders in winter.

Roland, please tell the eva, Stories readers what's behind the weekly Freestyle Show Night?

It is a bombastic freestyle show, which is intended to bring guests from all over the world closer to skiing and snowboarding. One can still remember the beginnings of ski tourism, at least to the pictures, where nice ski instructors wedel down the pistes and cause astonishment. We also want this wow-effect for our spectators.
Tell me, how does one come up with the idea of ​​establishing a freestyle show night in Saalbach?

Saalbach offers a lot for the guests, but I just wanted to do a show that I would like to see myself and where the focus is on freestyle skiing and snowboarding. I used to be a snowboard pro myself and was able to jump on many shows in the remotest corners. Why should this not work in Saalbach? After all, we are one of the most famous ski resorts in Europe. No sooner said than done, a few weeks after our first show, the Turmwiese - our weekly event area - was jam-packed with spectators. The show was a perfect start and a few thousand visitors marveled at the freestyle pros.

How do you get to such skiers and sport professionals?

Due to my past, I still have great contacts into the scene and was able to get professional freestylers for performing on the Freestyle Show Night. Thus, we can vouch for the highest "quality"!

Besides the sporty part, what do you show the spectators?

Since the beginning we combine the jumps with nice beats and live performances by artists. There are also fireworks and sometimes fire breathers. Pretty spectacular and definitely worth seeing!

Thank you for your words Roli, see you soon on the Turmwiese!


  • 1.2.2018
  • 8.2.2018

All we can do is to make a recommendation for the Freestyle Show Night. The ideal start into a magnificent winter night in Saalbach!

Picture Credits: Daniel Roos, Florian Breitenberger, Lee Smallman,


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