Our restaurant manager knows everyone.

Mato, who was born in Croatia in Zadar on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, is very sporty. He has been responsible for the culinary delights in our restaurant for 29 years. His passion and charisma are an integral part of eva,.

Always good for a laugh...

We can bank on OUR Mato – yes, by now we can say that! He is responsible for the perfect service in the restaurant. With his charisma and his professionalism he delights our guests. eva, without him – unimaginable! As our restaurant manager and long-time employee he knows every regular guest.

Matos home is the Pinzgau. He lives in Saalfelden with his family and is a real veterian in the pinzgau. Sport is his passion – whether hiking or biking, he enjoys every physical activity with his family. His slogan is: “Sport is the perfect balance” – and that’s supposed to be true, because Mato is always very relaxed.

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