Rare Wines - Salzberg

The vineyard on the Salzberg has been expanded continuously over the years. One "trouser strap plot" (a regional term for ever-narrower vineyards) after another was cultivated.

Heavy, compact, straightforward

In the process, the vineyard not only expanded its acreage, but also expanded the spectrum of the underlying soil. Clay, silt, chalk, sand, and gravel are the five major varieties (complex soil conditions), which offer Merlot and Blaufränkisch a potpourri of differing conditions. The location faces the sun directly, which means it is a very warm area. There is not a lot of water available and the grapes are loose, small, and thick-skinned. In combination with a bio-dynamic cultivation, the result are fleshy, full-bodied, and manifold wines. On the upper Salzberg, where the soils are slowly losing their thickness and where gravel is slowly taking over, is where the Zweigelt is at home. This is heavy, compact, straightforward, and has significant influence on the Pannobile.

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