What women (from Saalbach) really want?

A special interview with three women - why love, fun and skiing are so important!

Attention – Skiing and fun are right on top of the list!

Today we’ve got three eva, women in the interview. Why three? To give the men’s world a representative sample.

Our three experts: Eva, Daniela and Magdalena
The question: What do women really want?

Eva: That’s pretty clear. Being cherished and known. My partner should exactly know what I want.

Daniela: Yes exactly. And to be on an equal footing and not have to bend each other, but support - that is a lot of value. Time to fool around, philosophize and for many casual shared experiences.

Magdalena: And of course fun, positive thinking in all situations and despite "being funny" also reliable when it matters.

Girls, no one in the world is able to decode that. You need to be way more specific. Maybe you could use an example?
Imagine we’ve got the following situation: You and your loved one are in Saalbach for skiing. What matters now?

Eva: As soon as we head to our lunch break at the eva,ALM my darling is ordering a “Kaiserschmarrn”, then he knows exactly what I want. That’s the moment he’s carrying me on his hands. BUT my skis, I can carry them myself!

Daniela: Clearly - it doesn't get boring. Whether having breakfast in bed, when it's snowing outside, or being the first on the slopes in clear sunshine. Action on the mountain with a relaxed retreat is definitely one of them. Afterwards being surprised with a massage and a good bottle of wine in the evening - what more could you want? The little things make the difference - mutual surprises are simply part of it.

Magdalena:  It's super cool. Fun on the slopes, having delicious snacks at huts and maybe even a few chilled hours in the SPA. This is definitely a vacation to my taste and definitely stands for fun and action!

Dear all women lovers, we know it’s not always easy – we’ve got to admit that. But you got chances too. This year it’s one more – 366! Wedding anniversary, birthday or valentine’s day are not the only days you should show you women how much you love them. Every single day you can show your partner how much you cherish them with words or little gestures.(That also counts for the other way round ;) )

We really hope that we helped you out understanding women a little better with our interview. If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Greetings, your eva,STORY editors. (guess who’s behind that story -  a man or a woman ;-))

PS: For all of you who did read this too late and are still in search of a VERY urgent present – time for two is always something well received by women. ;-) Maybe just make one of our vouchers for a joint “love-holiday” in Saalbach as a present.

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 „Love is a severe mental illness“

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