Our trendsetter - rooms division manager

An original from the Vorarlberg province, who is an avid skier and hiker, is responsible for the entire lodging department. Following brief interludes in event hotels, he now represents the quintessence of Vorarlberg in Saalbach.

He always hits the nail right on the head

He is our in-house trendsetter. We are very happy that Markus is a part of our team because he knows what he wants! Next to the entire lodging department he is also responsible for Social Media, hotel ratings and booking platforms. The passion for tourism began very early in school, afterwards he worked in restaurants, event managment and sales management.

From Vorarlber via Tyrol and Salzburg he finally found his way to Saalbach. Besides work, his passion is skiing and hiking – the higher, the better. We think that is a great motto!

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